Gangs of Nar Shaddaa

Common Enemies

Our story begins moments after our ragtag band of desperate individuals have, quite by accident, worked together to take down Dead-eye’s hitman and his goons.

Their first order of business was determining what the Zev Davron should do with his new ship. Leaving it in a hangar with the bodies of members of a well-known criminal syndicate wasn’t a very good idea. Zev made contant with one of his buddies and got the YT-2400 stored in one of Nar Shaddaa’s many shadowports. Keeping his ship while keeping his head was a priority for Zev.

The priority for Vera Alphonse was getting in contact with her husband, Niery Alphonse and finding out why Dead-eye’s men were trying to kidnap her. The others quizzed her on what exactly happened, and she told them she and her husband had a fight and she was trying to get off planet to visit her parents. There was some discussion from the Trandoshan about whether this was proper behavior for a dedicated wife. Zev picked up that she was holding something back, while the Theif decided she was telling a complete lie and that Vera was actually married to Dead-eye. All of Vera’s attempts to contact her husband failed. Then came word that Desmond Goga, the only member of the Alphonse crime family that Vera knew and trusted, had been assassinated by the Empire. The only avenue Vera had to contact her husband even if he didn’t want to be contacted had been cut off.

Aurora was able to contact Su’quesh, Demlow the Hutt’s majordomo, and work out a deal to pay down some of her debt while also learning she could tap into a valuable resource for information.

Taran’s only concern was for her missing parents. The good news was, she learned that the hitman who threatened her parents was simply taking advantage of her desperate situation to shake her down for what ever credits she could give. He had no access to her parents and no ability to harm them. The bad news was that she was no closer to finding a way to release her parents.

Jared Locke, who had recently picked up a nasty habit of shooting people but NOT getting paid, put forth the idea that the best way to solve all their problems was to hit Dead-eye and hit him hard. The Entertainer whole-hardheartedly agreed. The Doctor and the Outlaw Tech hoped for a more peaceful solution. Locke for his part convinced the others that the only peaceful solution would be if them or the crime boss wound up dead. Better the crime boss.

Daxturius “Dax” Doshimoni decided that mammals talked too much and took a nap. Dax would be content as long as there was blood to be spilled later. Little did he know the blood would be his own.

Dead-eye had gone underground, and Neiry was nowhere to be found. Vera, like any good mob wife, had no idea about her husband’s business. However, the newly formed crew determined that the Alphonse family still needed to earn. If they could find one of Dead-eye’s lieutenants they might be able to make him squeal and give up Dead-eye’s location.

The crew went to the streets trying to dig up information on Dead-eye’s lieutenants and their haunts but frustratingly came up blank. Aurora’s new resource stepped in with some timely info and pointed the team in the right direction. While he found no information on Dead-eye, Zev did discover that Dead-eye didn’t take losing his ship lightly. Word on the street is that he contracted a dangerous Gank Bounty Hunter named Xarn to settle the score.

But before the team could act on their intel, they discovered that the Trandoshan had given them the slip. A little bored and hoping to find information his way, Dax had sneaked off to a bar for a drink and a spine he could twist until he got answers. To Dax’s surprise, he’d been tracked. Ten Trandoshans wearing his family crest burst through the door, followed shortly by his uncle Gracha and Wookiee slave and house guard Krussk. Gracha declared that Dax had become an embarrassment to the family before sending the guards and the Wookiee in to destroy him. Dax fought bravely, taking down a few of the house guard and scoring a solid hit on Krussk, but Krussk was able to grab Dax’s vibroaxe and fling it to the ground. Krussk and the guards beat Dax physically while Gracha’s Scathing Tirade strained Dax mentally. When he was almost overcome, Dax dove behind the bar and called for the team. As the guards fell, Gracha, clearly annoyed at the intervention of Dax’s crew, warned that this was a message. He and Krussk would be back.

There was a debate between Taran and Dax about the morality of Taran stitching up his wounds. Should she help him only for him to hurt others? Dax made an offer not to harm one person of her choosing at a later date, and furthermore he offered to harm someone she could not harm given her strict Oath should she desire. This paired with realization that Dax was a creature in pain and deserved her care allowed her render his much-needed care. After the melee, Zev helped Dax be a little less noticeable by filing his family crest off of his vibroaxe and added a serrated edge to boot.

Dax was interrogated by his crewmates as to what had just happened. Trying to dodge the question at first, when pressed by Aurora, who sensed something else was up, tired and strained from the recent battle Dax admitted his exile was due to him torturing and killing prisoners of his house in barbaric fashion. It was an addiction, he said. The crew decided to continue in their mission… after a promise from Dax that he’s too honorable to slaughter teammates.

Based off of information gleaned from Aurora’s new resource, the crew, starting at the lowest possible level, tracked down a spice dealer working for the Alphonse operation. Vera drew the dealer out by disguising herself as an addict in need of a score. Her portrayal was so convincing that the dealer mistook her for one of his regulars, lulling him into a false sense of security. When he finally left his corner, he was lax in his tail-dodging routine, allowing Aurora, Dax, and Locke to easily follow him in series. In a stroke of good fortune, the dealer needed to resupply his staple of spice and led Locke right to the spice production facility. From his advantageous perch, Locke was able to get a clear view of the leader of the facility. Now it is up to the crew to find a way to isolate him hope he can lead them to the next link in the chain: Lott, Dead-eye’s lieutenant and incidentally, the man who holds Taran’s debt and her parents.


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