Gangs of Nar Shaddaa


What happens on Nar Shaddaa stays on Nar Shaddaa but maybe we don't

Our adventure begins as Zev Davron has won a ship from Charles “Dead-eye” Alphonse, infamous gangster and lieutenant of the Alphonse crime family. While Zev won fair and square, Dead-eye took issue with the win. Unfortunately for him, he lost his ship in a rival gang’s casino who quickly endorsed Zev’s win and ushered Dead-eye out of the casino. Zev decided it would be a good idea get him and his ship out of there, but as he tried to board, he found a cluster of Dead-eye’s men waiting for him.

After a fight with her husband, Niery Alphonse, Vera Alphonse was ready to spend a week at her mother’s and was about to board what she thought was her husband’s new ship. However, Dead-eye’s thugs also seemed to be looking for her!

Waiting in the wings of the starport was Sazari / “Aurora”. Desperate for credits, as Demlow’s men had been turning the screws over the debt she owed him, she sensed opportunity amidst the certain forthcoming melee and waited for her chance to strike.

Never stiff an assassin on his payment. A lesson Dead-eye should have remembered when he hired Jared Locke. Locke followed one of Dead-eye’s trusted hitmen in the hopes of sending a reminder that skilled work deserves premium payment. That trusted hitmen was now threatening Zev Davron.

Taran was a good student, she studied to be a doctor, but she lived a little to high on the hog. Spending money she thought her parents had, they wracked up massive amounts of debt to support her lifestyle… debt to the worst people. As a motivation for the doc to pay up, those people kidnapped her parents. Now, they were threatening to kill her unless she came up with some credits immediately. Arriving on Nar Shaddaa, unsure of her next move, she noticed the very man who threatened her parents now threatening Zev!

Daxturius “Dax” Doshimoni was just at the right place at the right time. Cursed (or is it blessed?) with an insatiable bloodlust, he could sense the violence about to occur in the air, and he badly wanted to be a part of it. After a long trip packed onto a transport with no… release… Dax was ready to do some harm. Dax did not see two innocent beings in trouble they didn’t ask for, he saw eight playthings waiting for his axe.

At first thinking our hapless mechanic Zev was connected to the rival crime family, Dead-eye sent the hitman, a bodyguard, and 6 lackeys to take care of the problem. When discovering Zev was pretty much by himself, the goons decided it would be easy to take care of the problem permanently. The hitman and bodyguard both attacked Zev, wounding him seriously.

Next, Locke fired on the hitman from long range, doing substantial damage but also giving away his position. The hitman was still standing.

Dax then jumped into the fray, critically injuring the bodyguard with an axe-brandishing charge.

Vera distracted the hitman, asking him he even knew why he was looking for her, then fired her weapon at him. She missed, but the hitman was so shocked he stumbled off balance.

Aurora saw her opportunity and joined the fight, firing her blaster at the hitman and grazing him.

Taran saw Zev in pain and rushed to help, hoping she could reach him before it was too late.

Zev slipped on his brass knuckles and took a swing at the bodyguard, the blow glancing ineffectually against the bodyguard’s armor.

Three of the thugs attempted to steal away with Vera, but only managed to knock her down.

Three more of the thugs attempted to attack Dax, but missed.

The hitman fired upon Dax, but instead hit one of his own men, killing him instantly.

The bodyguard stabbed Dax, doing minor damage.

Taran attempted to apply a stim to Zev, but she is used to practicing medicine in a controlled environment and not on a battlefield failed her attempt.

Locke fired upon the hitman but missed. Meanwhile, it seems the hitman had called for backup as four more thugs surrounded Locke’s position.

Dax lodged his axe into the shoulder of the bodyguard, blood spraying from a ruptured artery, Dax’s lust temporarily sated as the bodyguard fell.

Vera got off the ground and continued her distraction, and one overwhelmed thug quit the field. She fired upon the bodyguard, missing once again.

Aurora took a pot shot at the bodyguard, dealing another glancing blow.

Zev swung at the bodyguard, the bully trying to kill him for a ship that, according to those other gangsters, was rightfully his. He hit the bodyguard in the temple with his brass knuckles, knocking him unconscious.

Two thugs attempted to wrestle Vera out of the starport, but they knocked her down once more.

Two more thugs stabbed Dax and knocked him to the ground.

The four thugs surrounding his position attempted to strike Locke but missed. After seeing his bosses had dropped and how over-matched he was against the likes of Locke, one more thug quit the field.

Taran finally administered much needed aid to Zev, our grateful mechanic could breathe a little easier.

Locke popped up off the ground, setting his weapon to autofire. The three thugs surrounding him fell in a hail of blaster fire, and a stray bolt dropped a fourth hapless thug threatening Dax.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Aurora stalked up to the fallen bodyguard. Dressed in fancy clothing, she guessed correctly that he would have some valuables she could use to get Demlow’s men off her back. Hopefully his men would accept it.

Enraged that these minions would knock him to the ground, Dax got off the ground lifted a thug off the ground with his claw, throwing his lifeless corpse into a thug who was threatening Vera, the two bodies falling into a heap at her feet.

Fed up with the witless scum, Vera fired at the last thug and hit, taking out the last of the trash.

Locke left his position, joining the group for the first time. He sauntered to the bodyguard’s unconscious form and shot him in the face at point blank range. Message sent.

Dax’s addiction to blood had been fulfilled by battle for now. And both Aurora and Taran had made headway on their debts. But when would those debts be deigned paid in full? And what of the desperation of the rest of these ragtag individuals? Could they work together to solve each of their problems? Was it more than chance which brought them together? We’ll find out next time.


I’ve added a couple of facts that weren’t covered in game (the name of Steph’s Hutt crime lord and the sore loser crime boss specifically).

I’m not always going to give a play-by-play of combat, but since it was the only encounter and a lot of fun things happened I thought I’d play-by-play this one. It may not be 100% accurate but I hope I’m right about the most important points. Let me know if you disagree with anything in my portrayal of your characters or their actions.

Ziffer Ziffer

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