Daxturius "Dax" Doshimoni

Trandoshan Murderer (Marauder)

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presense
4 2 2 2 2 2
Soak Wound Strain
6/5 18 11
Athletics Proficiency smAbility smAbility smAbility sm
Perception Proficiency smAbility sm
Resilience Proficiency smAbility smAbility smAbility sm
Brawl Proficiency smAbility smAbility smAbility sm
Melee Proficiency smProficiency smProficiency smProficiency sm
Ranged Light Proficiency smProficiency sm
Intimidate Proficiency smProficiency smAbility smAbility sm

Toughened 2 – +4 Wound threshold
Feral Strength 2 – Add 1 damage per rank to one hit of successful attacks made using Brawl or Melee.
Lethal Blow – Add +10 per rank to Critical Injury roll,


A prince from a duchy on Dosh, Dax has been exiled from his home due to his extracurricular activities, namely an addiction to tortuous murder. Owns a vibro-axe bearing his family crest.

Daxturius "Dax" Doshimoni

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