Wookiee Gladiator


Krussk is large even by Wookiee standards. He wears a golden shock collar and two elaborate golden armbands. There is a noticeable tranquility in Krussk, as if he knows and does not question his place in the galaxy. That place is to serve.


Krussk was captured at a young age and pressed into a life of slavery for the Doshimoni family. After a most thorough indoctrination, the Doshimoni family allowed him to become a gladiator in their festival tournaments, where he distinguished himself as a fearsome fighter. Indeed, he was so distinguished that the Doshimoni later afforded him a place within the palace guard. Krussk truly believes that his place in the galaxy should be as a Doshimoni slave. He wears his shock collar and ornate manacles with pride and defends his status as a slave with fervor, if ever necessary. He has never known his Wookiee name and doesn’t care to know it.


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