Vera Alphonse

Twi'lek Actress

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presense
1 3 2 3 2 4
Soak Wound Strain
1 12 13
Charm Proficiency smProficiency smProficiency smAbility sm
Coordination Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Deception Proficiency smProficiency smProficiency sm
Leadership Proficiency smAbility smAbility smAbility sm
Knowledge Education Proficiency smAbility sm

Kill with Kindness – Remove Setback per rank from Charm and Leadership.
Distracting Behavior 2 – Take a maneuver and suffer strain per rank. Until beginning of next turn, equal number of NPCs suffer Threat on check.
Congenial – May suffer strain to downgrade Charm or Negotiation when targeted by Charm or Negotiation checks per rank of Congenial.


Married mob boss Niery Alphonse to begin her acting career. After a few years found she honestly loved Niery despite the danger surrounding him and gave up acting. Later discovered evidence of him cheating on her in their home. Tried to leave town before there was a fight but was confronted by the hired goons of Charles “Dead-Eye” Alphonse, Neiry’s brother and lieutenant within the organization.

Vera Alphonse

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