Gangs of Nar Shaddaa


After hitting the Alphonse operation’s drug den, our crew was left with 8 glitterstim cutters they were willing to trade to pay down some of their various commitments. Aurora contacts the Hutt organization to enact this trade. Su’quesh invites them to the Blood and Bantha Arena to negotiate.

Jared Locke speaks to Su’quesh first, seeing what the Hutt’s can tell him about what his former team mates are up to. Su’quesh relates that the Alphonse organization, under Charles Alphonse’s leadership seems to be getting cozier with the Empire than Su’quesh would like, delivering regular shipments of uncut glitterstim directly to several small cutting outfits like the team recently raided. The man delivering these shipments does not seem to be in it for the credits.

Taran is brought back next to see if she can get some credits to help buy back her parents. Su’quesh levels with her about the mindset of a criminal who has leverage over a victim. He says the fact that Lott took her parents means he is taking advantage of her. He seems to be desperate. He couldn’t squeeze any more money from her parents, so he decided to squeeze their kid for anything he could get. More money isn’t going to help get Taran’s parents back. There is nothing to force Lott to return her parents and no amount of money will be enough. He offers the probable location of Taran’s parents instead. After some time, he relates that her parents may be on either Coruscant or Cloud City. What she does with that information is up to her.

Zev Davron is next, looking to ease the pressure of the Gank bounty hunter Dead-eye put on his tail. Su’quesh tells Zev that in his rage, Charles hired a zealot to track Zev down. There is little Su’quesh can do dissuade the bounty hunter, but he does offer to give the Gank a pressing job elsewhere. This will only delay the Gank however. He will eventually catch up to Zev.

Last, the Weequay bodyguard ushers Vera Alphonse back to the messy office. As soon as Su’quesh sees her, he lets out a heavy sigh. He says the bodyguard stated it might be Niery Alphonse’s wife, but he didn’t want to believe it. He tells Vera that she’s supposed to be dead. The rumor on the street is that Niery has been arrested by the Empire for her murder. But there is no body, so there is no proof. This puts all parties in a very desperate situation. Vera’s demeanor convinces Su’quesh that she is truly a victim here. “In our line of work, when business gets personal it leads to war. War is not profitable to us. To keep business from getting personal I find that it is important to follow some unofficial rules. The tantamount rule is don’t involve the families of made men. Niery understood this and the other unofficial rules to run a successful business such as ours. Charles is a desperate climber, and his lust for power will lead to dire consequences I fear.” As far as Su’quesh can deduce, Charles could not kill Dead-eye outright to take over the Alphonse organization while keeping Neiry’s loyal men from killing him in return. So he concocted a plan to have Niery framed and publicly arrested for the murder of his famous starlet wife. The ensuing spectacle would allow Charles a relatively seamless transition to head of the family. But he jumped the gun, and had his Imperial contacts arrest Niery before the job of killing Vera was completed. Charles needs a body. The Empire, never one for public embarrassment, needs a body as well. Vera cannot show her face in public. “In fact, there are those in my organization who would exploit the position you are in for their own gain.” He calls in the Weequay bodyguard and asks him to fix a drink. When the bodyguard’s back is turned, Su’quesh shoots him point blank in the back of the head. “He was the only one to see your face. I have ensured he was the only one who saw it.”

After leaving the arena, there is some discussion about what the team, minus Dax and Aurora, should do next. It is decided that it would be best to let the armless Jedd rest and soften up on their ship before interrogation.

Ultimately, the team decides it might be best to hit the Alphonse suspicious glitterstim supplier.

Locke sets up a sniper’s nest across from the defunct drug den and waits. Soon the supplier arrives and Locke takes a shot at him, set to stun, before he can realize anything is amiss at the facility. The stunner is a solid hit, the supplier is knocked unconscious but falls from the 2nd floor platform to the ground below. Some quick thinking by Taran stabilizes the supplier, ensuring the team has someone to interrogate.

Zev asks his contacts on Nar Shaddaa for a lead on where he might be able to dig up a medicinal interrogation aid but is unable to find a good lead. Taran and Zev then work together to design a concoction of their own. The resulting serum is a fantastic success, the supplier is putty in the teams hands. Vera charms him with questions supplied by Locke, who seems to know something about this supplier.

Through interrogation the team learns that this man calls himself Codename: Fade. Fade is allowed by the Empire to pick supplies of raw glitterstim and deliver it around Nar Shaddaa to Alphonse cutters. Furthermore, he seems to know the location of some of Locke’s former team. Notably, Codename: Spasm, expert in poisons, who has possession of Niery Alphonse and seems to be using her knowledge of chemicals to break him, and Codename: Nix, range specialist lacking Locke’s imagination, who Fade states is shadowing him.

Locke locates Nix, hidden and aiming at the entrance to the ship. Locke asks Zev to use his ship’s guns to scope and kill Nix, but Zev refuses. He doesn’t want to draw attention to the shadow port they’re hiding in, and furthermore doesn’t want his ship used in a killing. However he does assist Locke in finding an alternate exit.

Locke sneaks out of the ship, scopes Nix, sets to stun, and takes Nix down before Nix can fire a shot. Then drags him back to an old and that the Alphonse organization under Dead-Eye’s leadership is helping them do it. Niery doesn’t want to play ball and the Empire thought Dead-Eye would be more pliable. Locke says he can get Niery onboard, saying he can deliver the wife as leverage to get Niery’s cooperation. Locke only wants access to Dead-Eye. Locke then let’s Nix and Fade go to take his offer back to HQ.

After the disagreement about who can do what on Zev’s ship, Locke de idea to get his own ship. He negotiates with Su’quesh for his own snub fighter.

Locke makes offer to give Empire the wife, make Neiry play ball.

Attack on Drug Den

We begin with Jared Locke following Howley the emo spice dealer to the outside of an Alphonse family spice production facility. After some cursory investigation he learns that this former flop house now seems to house a swoop bike gang on the ground floor, a second floor where the windows are completely blacked out, and a third floor where one of Lott’s lieutenants, Jedd, is holed up with a Rodian bodyguard named Rheeta. Locke decides to call his allies to a meeting.

Sazari / “Aurora” informs the group that the blacked out windows likely mean that a glitterstim cutting facility in on the second floor, as glitterstim is photo reactive and must be harvested in total darkness. She also informs the group that glitterstim “cutters” are rare and posses a very valuable skillset, and that her contacts within Demlow the Hutt’s organization could be very grateful if they were to be presented with such a resource.

The team decides to do a lengthier reconnaissance of the facility. They surveil the facility in shifts and learn that the swoop gang on the ground floor are guarding the spice operation upstairs. 20 of them live in barracks-like conditions for 12 hours at a time, gambling and carousing but keeping sober. They intuit that there are six guards on the second floor guarding the cutters and making sure they work unmolested. Jedd the Alphonse lieutenant, Rheeta, and six other bodyguards never leave. Food and payment are brought up to them by an elevator with access controlled by code cylinder. Zev Davron believes he can hack into the elevator if he can just get to the mechanical closet next to it… with 20 dangerous looking swoop gangers between it and the front door.

Dax" Doshimoni, dealing with the frustration of his loss in combat to his family’s pet Wookiee, is jonesing for bloodletting. Dax ditches his surveillance shift to follow one of the swoop gangers as he leaves the facility. Dax pins the thug to a wall and threatens him to drop some information or die. The thug isn’t having it. Dax takes a swing at him with his axe but misses. In a remarkable show of restraint, Dax tries one more time to threaten the thug. The thug begins almost crying and tells Dax he overheard the upstairs guards talking about how there’s a hard room next to Jedd’s office with an escape hatch with a gassed up speeder in case things at the facility get too hairy. Dax thanks him for the info by snapping his neck.

Taran has a possible plan for getting past the guards on the first floor. She thinks that, with Zev’s help, she can rig up a potent stun grenade and knock them out before they know what hits them. Zev takes to the project with gusto and together they concoct a mechanism which can knock out the entire first floor and keep the guards sick and off-kilter should they inconveniently wake up.

The team notices that the building has a back door close to the elevator and mechanical closet. Aurora tries to pop it open from the outside but can’t seem to get it open. She thinks it might be easier from the inside. Vera Alphonse thinks she can get Aurora to that door and keep the guards occupied while she fiddles it open.

A plan is formed. Vera and Aurora will try to charm the street toughs into bringing them back to the facility for a party. Aurora will sneak away and pop the back door, letting in Zev so he can work his magic on the elevator. Taran will join him with the knockout grenades and guard him while he works. Locke will post up in a sniper’s next across the street, keeping the long view of the situation and picking off enemies from range. Dax will sneak onto the roof and drop into the hard room. When the engagement begins and Jedd seeks safety in the hard room, instead he’ll find Dax.

The swoop gangers are tracked to a greasy looking cantina. Vera and Aurora drop in and lay on the charm. The swoop gangers take the bait, and even though the boss sometimes gets mad when they mix business and pleasure, they decide its worth the risk to take the gals with them. When they arrive, Vera pretends to be very drunk and in the mood to dance. All the gangers stop what they are doing to watch.

Dax climbs the side of the building to the roof. He finds the hidden escape vehicle and sabotages it, just in case. The hot oil spilling out of the vehicle reminds Dax of what he’d rather be doing, what he’d always rather be doing, and he nearly succumbs to his blood lust. Aurora hears his labored breathing over comms and hazards a guess as to what Dax is going through, but can’t say anything since she is in a room entertaining a bunch of thugs. Her nerves are rattled as she thinks about this op completely unraveling as a murderous Trandoshan loses control. Dax, however, gets himself evened out. He’s ready to go.

Completely mesmerized by Vera, the gangers have no chance detecting Aurora as she sneaks to the back door and jimmies it open. Zev and Taran are ushered in undetected.
Zev gets control of the elevator. Aurora, her absence still undetected by the reveling thugs on the first floor, rides the elevator to the third and waits.

Locke fires upon Rheeta and scores a solid hit. Before anyone can move Locke fires a second shot and takes Rheeta out. Its pandemonium on the first floor. The 20 guards (make that 19 since one didn’t make his shift thanks to Dax) rush to the elevator but Zev has it locked down. Some guards were ordered to escort Vera to safety (forgetting all about Aurora) but Vera convinces them to all go stand at the elevator, she can find her own way out.

Jedd rushes to the safe room with two guards but – surprise! Dax is there. Taran made Dax promise he wouldn’t kill Jedd since the team needed him, but there was no discussion about maiming. Dax takes Jedd’s arm and leaves him on the floor writhing in pain until he passes out. One of the upstairs guards realizes why their reinforcements aren’t arriving and tries to out-slice Zev from the upstairs controls.

The 20 (19) guards are waiting for the elevator and are starting to realize that something is wrong, but before they get curious about what’s going on in the mechanical closet, Taran drops out a knockout grenade. Every ganger drops to the floor unconscious.

Zev attempts to slice past the thug at the controls upstairs to let Aurora out but fails. Aurora for her part jimmies the door open, and is so successful that she opens the door to just a slit where she can see out but the guards upstairs don’t notice her presence.

Locke drops two guards, but one of the others grabs Rheeta’s rifle and fires off a shot back. Locke is wounded, but the guard, unskilled in the use of Rheeta’s rifle drops the gun and falls prone. Dax takes down the two thugs ineffectually guarding Jedd. Aurora shoots Zev’s counter slicer in the back of the head and takes out the unskilled sniper who shot Locke for good measure and the third floor is clear. The team’s primary objective has been met. Sort of.

Jedd is in a heap on the ground and Taran has to patch up his severed limb before he can moved for interrogation or he’ll bleed out. Meanwhile Vera has to convince the guards on the second floor, literally in the dark, not to call for reinforcements immediately so the team has time to get the cutters out of there. Zev and Aurora work on a lockbox on the third floor that they can’t drag with them. Locke decides there can’t be any witnesses that can link Vera to the scene. He calmly saunters over to the first floor and executes the 20 (19) unconscious guards with autofire. The second floor guards, pacified by a masterful performance from Vera, stand no chance against Dax who sneaks down from the third to finish them. Dax is in complete control of his bloodlust. Mostly. Out of ten cutters, Dax “accidentally” kills only two. Dax threatens the cutters to come with them or else. They agree but move slowly. Vera convinces them of the wisdom in moving quickly. Zev and Aurora crack into the lockbox and abscond with the contents inside. Taran is finally able to stabilize Jedd’s wound and the team is on the move before any alarm is raised.

With eight cutters to bargain with, the team has some serious leverage to make deals with Demlow’s operatives and hopefully make their lives easier… for now. They must also find a way to get Jedd to give up the location of Lott, who will hopefully lead them at last to Dead-eye. But how will they convince the one-armed gangster to cooperate?

Common Enemies

Our story begins moments after our ragtag band of desperate individuals have, quite by accident, worked together to take down Dead-eye’s hitman and his goons.

Their first order of business was determining what the Zev Davron should do with his new ship. Leaving it in a hangar with the bodies of members of a well-known criminal syndicate wasn’t a very good idea. Zev made contant with one of his buddies and got the YT-2400 stored in one of Nar Shaddaa’s many shadowports. Keeping his ship while keeping his head was a priority for Zev.

The priority for Vera Alphonse was getting in contact with her husband, Niery Alphonse and finding out why Dead-eye’s men were trying to kidnap her. The others quizzed her on what exactly happened, and she told them she and her husband had a fight and she was trying to get off planet to visit her parents. There was some discussion from the Trandoshan about whether this was proper behavior for a dedicated wife. Zev picked up that she was holding something back, while the Theif decided she was telling a complete lie and that Vera was actually married to Dead-eye. All of Vera’s attempts to contact her husband failed. Then came word that Desmond Goga, the only member of the Alphonse crime family that Vera knew and trusted, had been assassinated by the Empire. The only avenue Vera had to contact her husband even if he didn’t want to be contacted had been cut off.

Aurora was able to contact Su’quesh, Demlow the Hutt’s majordomo, and work out a deal to pay down some of her debt while also learning she could tap into a valuable resource for information.

Taran’s only concern was for her missing parents. The good news was, she learned that the hitman who threatened her parents was simply taking advantage of her desperate situation to shake her down for what ever credits she could give. He had no access to her parents and no ability to harm them. The bad news was that she was no closer to finding a way to release her parents.

Jared Locke, who had recently picked up a nasty habit of shooting people but NOT getting paid, put forth the idea that the best way to solve all their problems was to hit Dead-eye and hit him hard. The Entertainer whole-hardheartedly agreed. The Doctor and the Outlaw Tech hoped for a more peaceful solution. Locke for his part convinced the others that the only peaceful solution would be if them or the crime boss wound up dead. Better the crime boss.

Daxturius “Dax” Doshimoni decided that mammals talked too much and took a nap. Dax would be content as long as there was blood to be spilled later. Little did he know the blood would be his own.

Dead-eye had gone underground, and Neiry was nowhere to be found. Vera, like any good mob wife, had no idea about her husband’s business. However, the newly formed crew determined that the Alphonse family still needed to earn. If they could find one of Dead-eye’s lieutenants they might be able to make him squeal and give up Dead-eye’s location.

The crew went to the streets trying to dig up information on Dead-eye’s lieutenants and their haunts but frustratingly came up blank. Aurora’s new resource stepped in with some timely info and pointed the team in the right direction. While he found no information on Dead-eye, Zev did discover that Dead-eye didn’t take losing his ship lightly. Word on the street is that he contracted a dangerous Gank Bounty Hunter named Xarn to settle the score.

But before the team could act on their intel, they discovered that the Trandoshan had given them the slip. A little bored and hoping to find information his way, Dax had sneaked off to a bar for a drink and a spine he could twist until he got answers. To Dax’s surprise, he’d been tracked. Ten Trandoshans wearing his family crest burst through the door, followed shortly by his uncle Gracha and Wookiee slave and house guard Krussk. Gracha declared that Dax had become an embarrassment to the family before sending the guards and the Wookiee in to destroy him. Dax fought bravely, taking down a few of the house guard and scoring a solid hit on Krussk, but Krussk was able to grab Dax’s vibroaxe and fling it to the ground. Krussk and the guards beat Dax physically while Gracha’s Scathing Tirade strained Dax mentally. When he was almost overcome, Dax dove behind the bar and called for the team. As the guards fell, Gracha, clearly annoyed at the intervention of Dax’s crew, warned that this was a message. He and Krussk would be back.

There was a debate between Taran and Dax about the morality of Taran stitching up his wounds. Should she help him only for him to hurt others? Dax made an offer not to harm one person of her choosing at a later date, and furthermore he offered to harm someone she could not harm given her strict Oath should she desire. This paired with realization that Dax was a creature in pain and deserved her care allowed her render his much-needed care. After the melee, Zev helped Dax be a little less noticeable by filing his family crest off of his vibroaxe and added a serrated edge to boot.

Dax was interrogated by his crewmates as to what had just happened. Trying to dodge the question at first, when pressed by Aurora, who sensed something else was up, tired and strained from the recent battle Dax admitted his exile was due to him torturing and killing prisoners of his house in barbaric fashion. It was an addiction, he said. The crew decided to continue in their mission… after a promise from Dax that he’s too honorable to slaughter teammates.

Based off of information gleaned from Aurora’s new resource, the crew, starting at the lowest possible level, tracked down a spice dealer working for the Alphonse operation. Vera drew the dealer out by disguising herself as an addict in need of a score. Her portrayal was so convincing that the dealer mistook her for one of his regulars, lulling him into a false sense of security. When he finally left his corner, he was lax in his tail-dodging routine, allowing Aurora, Dax, and Locke to easily follow him in series. In a stroke of good fortune, the dealer needed to resupply his staple of spice and led Locke right to the spice production facility. From his advantageous perch, Locke was able to get a clear view of the leader of the facility. Now it is up to the crew to find a way to isolate him hope he can lead them to the next link in the chain: Lott, Dead-eye’s lieutenant and incidentally, the man who holds Taran’s debt and her parents.

What happens on Nar Shaddaa stays on Nar Shaddaa but maybe we don't

Our adventure begins as Zev Davron has won a ship from Charles “Dead-eye” Alphonse, infamous gangster and lieutenant of the Alphonse crime family. While Zev won fair and square, Dead-eye took issue with the win. Unfortunately for him, he lost his ship in a rival gang’s casino who quickly endorsed Zev’s win and ushered Dead-eye out of the casino. Zev decided it would be a good idea get him and his ship out of there, but as he tried to board, he found a cluster of Dead-eye’s men waiting for him.

After a fight with her husband, Niery Alphonse, Vera Alphonse was ready to spend a week at her mother’s and was about to board what she thought was her husband’s new ship. However, Dead-eye’s thugs also seemed to be looking for her!

Waiting in the wings of the starport was Sazari / “Aurora”. Desperate for credits, as Demlow’s men had been turning the screws over the debt she owed him, she sensed opportunity amidst the certain forthcoming melee and waited for her chance to strike.

Never stiff an assassin on his payment. A lesson Dead-eye should have remembered when he hired Jared Locke. Locke followed one of Dead-eye’s trusted hitmen in the hopes of sending a reminder that skilled work deserves premium payment. That trusted hitmen was now threatening Zev Davron.

Taran was a good student, she studied to be a doctor, but she lived a little to high on the hog. Spending money she thought her parents had, they wracked up massive amounts of debt to support her lifestyle… debt to the worst people. As a motivation for the doc to pay up, those people kidnapped her parents. Now, they were threatening to kill her unless she came up with some credits immediately. Arriving on Nar Shaddaa, unsure of her next move, she noticed the very man who threatened her parents now threatening Zev!

Daxturius “Dax” Doshimoni was just at the right place at the right time. Cursed (or is it blessed?) with an insatiable bloodlust, he could sense the violence about to occur in the air, and he badly wanted to be a part of it. After a long trip packed onto a transport with no… release… Dax was ready to do some harm. Dax did not see two innocent beings in trouble they didn’t ask for, he saw eight playthings waiting for his axe.

At first thinking our hapless mechanic Zev was connected to the rival crime family, Dead-eye sent the hitman, a bodyguard, and 6 lackeys to take care of the problem. When discovering Zev was pretty much by himself, the goons decided it would be easy to take care of the problem permanently. The hitman and bodyguard both attacked Zev, wounding him seriously.

Next, Locke fired on the hitman from long range, doing substantial damage but also giving away his position. The hitman was still standing.

Dax then jumped into the fray, critically injuring the bodyguard with an axe-brandishing charge.

Vera distracted the hitman, asking him he even knew why he was looking for her, then fired her weapon at him. She missed, but the hitman was so shocked he stumbled off balance.

Aurora saw her opportunity and joined the fight, firing her blaster at the hitman and grazing him.

Taran saw Zev in pain and rushed to help, hoping she could reach him before it was too late.

Zev slipped on his brass knuckles and took a swing at the bodyguard, the blow glancing ineffectually against the bodyguard’s armor.

Three of the thugs attempted to steal away with Vera, but only managed to knock her down.

Three more of the thugs attempted to attack Dax, but missed.

The hitman fired upon Dax, but instead hit one of his own men, killing him instantly.

The bodyguard stabbed Dax, doing minor damage.

Taran attempted to apply a stim to Zev, but she is used to practicing medicine in a controlled environment and not on a battlefield failed her attempt.

Locke fired upon the hitman but missed. Meanwhile, it seems the hitman had called for backup as four more thugs surrounded Locke’s position.

Dax lodged his axe into the shoulder of the bodyguard, blood spraying from a ruptured artery, Dax’s lust temporarily sated as the bodyguard fell.

Vera got off the ground and continued her distraction, and one overwhelmed thug quit the field. She fired upon the bodyguard, missing once again.

Aurora took a pot shot at the bodyguard, dealing another glancing blow.

Zev swung at the bodyguard, the bully trying to kill him for a ship that, according to those other gangsters, was rightfully his. He hit the bodyguard in the temple with his brass knuckles, knocking him unconscious.

Two thugs attempted to wrestle Vera out of the starport, but they knocked her down once more.

Two more thugs stabbed Dax and knocked him to the ground.

The four thugs surrounding his position attempted to strike Locke but missed. After seeing his bosses had dropped and how over-matched he was against the likes of Locke, one more thug quit the field.

Taran finally administered much needed aid to Zev, our grateful mechanic could breathe a little easier.

Locke popped up off the ground, setting his weapon to autofire. The three thugs surrounding him fell in a hail of blaster fire, and a stray bolt dropped a fourth hapless thug threatening Dax.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Aurora stalked up to the fallen bodyguard. Dressed in fancy clothing, she guessed correctly that he would have some valuables she could use to get Demlow’s men off her back. Hopefully his men would accept it.

Enraged that these minions would knock him to the ground, Dax got off the ground lifted a thug off the ground with his claw, throwing his lifeless corpse into a thug who was threatening Vera, the two bodies falling into a heap at her feet.

Fed up with the witless scum, Vera fired at the last thug and hit, taking out the last of the trash.

Locke left his position, joining the group for the first time. He sauntered to the bodyguard’s unconscious form and shot him in the face at point blank range. Message sent.

Dax’s addiction to blood had been fulfilled by battle for now. And both Aurora and Taran had made headway on their debts. But when would those debts be deigned paid in full? And what of the desperation of the rest of these ragtag individuals? Could they work together to solve each of their problems? Was it more than chance which brought them together? We’ll find out next time.


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