The Outer Den

The spice dealer is a wiry-looking young human named Howley. He wears a loose fitting shirt with the sleeves ripped off and the words “Alderaan Board of Tourism” printed on the front, as well as a spiked leather collar and leather cuffs.

You follow Howley to a darkened block. In contrast to the rest of Nar Shaddaa’s glowing neon and dancing signs, this neighborhood is all beams and rafters and open floors. As a long ago boom turned to bust, the construction sites around you seem to have been abandoned for more fruitful endeavors… elsewhere.

The block ends at a precipice to the open air of Nar Shaddaa. Most of the blocks on Nar Shaddaa built with a view boast panoramic landscapes of the city in all its neon glory. This block presents a view of maglev trains and traffic. The only reason this block is exposed to the open air is because, like the rest of the ward, the superstructure simply wasn’t completed yet. A light fog permeates the neighborhood. Condensation drips from the rafters like rain.

Howley enters a dilapidated tenement building that looks like it’s been used as a flop house for glit addicts. While this may actually have been a former use, a trained eye sees evidence that this building has evolved into something else.

The Outer Den

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