Charles "Dead-eye" Alphonse

Alphonse Organization Lieutenant


Charles Alphonse is the brother of crime lord Niery Alphonse and a lieutenant of the Alphonse crime family. He has earned the nickname “Dead-eye.” Most people who know him only by reputation assume he gained the nickname due to his skill with a gun. In actuality, this nickname was given to Charles by his brother when they were still small time hoods on account of Charles’s lazy eye. Much to his chagrin, the nickname stuck. In an attempt to save face in the whispers about him amidst the underworld, Charles does nothing to dispel the rumors of his skill with a blaster.

It would be easy to look at Charles and think he is a fool, but that would be a mistake. Niery’s operation would not be what it is today without Dead-eye’s influence. Most beings trying to run business on Nar Shaddaa don’t last long. The fact that the Alphonse operation is thriving is due in no small measure to Dead-eye’s ruthless and cunning determination.

Tales of Dead-eye in the underworld express that he has a tendency toward hubris and is quick to anger. One story whispered on the streets relates how Dead-eye and his men had kidnapped a law enforcement officer who they were trying to intimidate into dropping petty charges leveled against a man in the organization. When the officer would not bend, Dead-eye became enraged and brutally beat the man to death with a truncheon.


Charles "Dead-eye" Alphonse

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