Gangs of Nar Shaddaa


After hitting the Alphonse operation’s drug den, our crew was left with 8 glitterstim cutters they were willing to trade to pay down some of their various commitments. Aurora contacts the Hutt organization to enact this trade. Su’quesh invites them to the Blood and Bantha Arena to negotiate.

Jared Locke speaks to Su’quesh first, seeing what the Hutt’s can tell him about what his former team mates are up to. Su’quesh relates that the Alphonse organization, under Charles Alphonse’s leadership seems to be getting cozier with the Empire than Su’quesh would like, delivering regular shipments of uncut glitterstim directly to several small cutting outfits like the team recently raided. The man delivering these shipments does not seem to be in it for the credits.

Taran is brought back next to see if she can get some credits to help buy back her parents. Su’quesh levels with her about the mindset of a criminal who has leverage over a victim. He says the fact that Lott took her parents means he is taking advantage of her. He seems to be desperate. He couldn’t squeeze any more money from her parents, so he decided to squeeze their kid for anything he could get. More money isn’t going to help get Taran’s parents back. There is nothing to force Lott to return her parents and no amount of money will be enough. He offers the probable location of Taran’s parents instead. After some time, he relates that her parents may be on either Coruscant or Cloud City. What she does with that information is up to her.

Zev Davron is next, looking to ease the pressure of the Gank bounty hunter Dead-eye put on his tail. Su’quesh tells Zev that in his rage, Charles hired a zealot to track Zev down. There is little Su’quesh can do dissuade the bounty hunter, but he does offer to give the Gank a pressing job elsewhere. This will only delay the Gank however. He will eventually catch up to Zev.

Last, the Weequay bodyguard ushers Vera Alphonse back to the messy office. As soon as Su’quesh sees her, he lets out a heavy sigh. He says the bodyguard stated it might be Niery Alphonse’s wife, but he didn’t want to believe it. He tells Vera that she’s supposed to be dead. The rumor on the street is that Niery has been arrested by the Empire for her murder. But there is no body, so there is no proof. This puts all parties in a very desperate situation. Vera’s demeanor convinces Su’quesh that she is truly a victim here. “In our line of work, when business gets personal it leads to war. War is not profitable to us. To keep business from getting personal I find that it is important to follow some unofficial rules. The tantamount rule is don’t involve the families of made men. Niery understood this and the other unofficial rules to run a successful business such as ours. Charles is a desperate climber, and his lust for power will lead to dire consequences I fear.” As far as Su’quesh can deduce, Charles could not kill Dead-eye outright to take over the Alphonse organization while keeping Neiry’s loyal men from killing him in return. So he concocted a plan to have Niery framed and publicly arrested for the murder of his famous starlet wife. The ensuing spectacle would allow Charles a relatively seamless transition to head of the family. But he jumped the gun, and had his Imperial contacts arrest Niery before the job of killing Vera was completed. Charles needs a body. The Empire, never one for public embarrassment, needs a body as well. Vera cannot show her face in public. “In fact, there are those in my organization who would exploit the position you are in for their own gain.” He calls in the Weequay bodyguard and asks him to fix a drink. When the bodyguard’s back is turned, Su’quesh shoots him point blank in the back of the head. “He was the only one to see your face. I have ensured he was the only one who saw it.”

After leaving the arena, there is some discussion about what the team, minus Dax and Aurora, should do next. It is decided that it would be best to let the armless Jedd rest and soften up on their ship before interrogation.

Ultimately, the team decides it might be best to hit the Alphonse suspicious glitterstim supplier.

Locke sets up a sniper’s nest across from the defunct drug den and waits. Soon the supplier arrives and Locke takes a shot at him, set to stun, before he can realize anything is amiss at the facility. The stunner is a solid hit, the supplier is knocked unconscious but falls from the 2nd floor platform to the ground below. Some quick thinking by Taran stabilizes the supplier, ensuring the team has someone to interrogate.

Zev asks his contacts on Nar Shaddaa for a lead on where he might be able to dig up a medicinal interrogation aid but is unable to find a good lead. Taran and Zev then work together to design a concoction of their own. The resulting serum is a fantastic success, the supplier is putty in the teams hands. Vera charms him with questions supplied by Locke, who seems to know something about this supplier.

Through interrogation the team learns that this man calls himself Codename: Fade. Fade is allowed by the Empire to pick supplies of raw glitterstim and deliver it around Nar Shaddaa to Alphonse cutters. Furthermore, he seems to know the location of some of Locke’s former team. Notably, Codename: Spasm, expert in poisons, who has possession of Niery Alphonse and seems to be using her knowledge of chemicals to break him, and Codename: Nix, range specialist lacking Locke’s imagination, who Fade states is shadowing him.

Locke locates Nix, hidden and aiming at the entrance to the ship. Locke asks Zev to use his ship’s guns to scope and kill Nix, but Zev refuses. He doesn’t want to draw attention to the shadow port they’re hiding in, and furthermore doesn’t want his ship used in a killing. However he does assist Locke in finding an alternate exit.

Locke sneaks out of the ship, scopes Nix, sets to stun, and takes Nix down before Nix can fire a shot. Then drags him back to an old and that the Alphonse organization under Dead-Eye’s leadership is helping them do it. Niery doesn’t want to play ball and the Empire thought Dead-Eye would be more pliable. Locke says he can get Niery onboard, saying he can deliver the wife as leverage to get Niery’s cooperation. Locke only wants access to Dead-Eye. Locke then let’s Nix and Fade go to take his offer back to HQ.

After the disagreement about who can do what on Zev’s ship, Locke de idea to get his own ship. He negotiates with Su’quesh for his own snub fighter.

Locke makes offer to give Empire the wife, make Neiry play ball.


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